Twin picrews

by @hellosunnycore

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Can you add more options?
— No, I've used up all item slots
Ok but can you change it?
— No, it's finished
But it's not perfect :(
— Ok
Did you also make the sushicore picrew?
— Yes

» Info for streamers & content creators

You're welcome to use these picrew icons on your personal blogs and social media accounts. And feel free to use TOON ME! to design OCs, or to use as commission references. Please have lots of fun sharing your portraits and characters online!

I don't allow making prints in order to sell, market or redistribute, but as long as it's just a little decoration for yourself it's fine! So you can print out your icons at home, and stick them on your wall or in your journal and such, if you like ✿


1. The name of the picrew is part of the design, so you don't have to worry too much about crediting when you post. But if you use a cropped version for your profile picture, it would still be nice of you to credit @hellosunnycore, or to name the picrew in your bio.2. You may edit your TOON ME! icon, as long as you don't remove or cover up my watermark and credit.3. Please refrain from selling adoptables that very closely resemble TOON ME! picrew designs. Taking inspiration is totally fine, but please respect how much love and care I put into designing all the items in these picrews, and don't just copy my work.4. You're welcome to redraw TOON ME! icons, but please say it's a redraw and either…
A) also post the icon you referenced, or
B) include a link to the picrew in the post, or
C) put "inspiration/reference: TOON ME! PICREW"
in the description if you post it online.

Thank you!

Creator's note

Hi! I hope you like my new picrews! I started this project in January 2022, but I had a lot of technical difficulties and wasn't super happy with how it was turning out, so I took a major break from it. I'm glad I finally completed it! I made the final edit last night, April 7 2023, and I actually cried a little when I realized it was finally done :')If you're familiar with my usual work, I'm sure the art in these picrews looks a bit funny to you. Last year I was suffering from a major art block; I didn't have any ideas for illustrations, and I didn't like anything I drew. But I still wanted to create something, so I decided to just do something completely different to keep myself busy. I tried to make it simple and cute. I hope you like it!If I could, I would've liked to have included a lot more funky options! I still have so many ideas for eyes, body decals, props, clothing styles, and all kinds of silly stuff — but I hit the 750 item limit, and can't add any more!When I started working on this project I thought for sure "750 is a lot, there's no way I'll reach it. I won't even worry about it". But I super underestimated how quickly the item count goes up when you're making a full body character, and clothing them from top to toe. When I was done with the face, body and hair stuff, I was already at 500 items… oops! I had to delete a bunch of stuff I had already drawn, just to make space for the clothing essentials.The number of layers in a picrew is also limited (and each section requires at least one layer), so there are some things that I couldn't include. And still there are some items that don't layer or overlap in the most ideal way with some other items. But just trust me when I say there is nothing that can be done about it.

These ^ are just a few of the items I drew that didn't make it into the final picrew! They were supposed to be things the characters could hold in a raised hand, but I had to scrap the idea when I ran out of layers on the site. There was just nowhere I could put them without having to delete an entire other section.

Please take all this into account before you complain that there's not enough items or options! And please understand that there's no way to make a picrew that accurately represents all 8 billion people in the world.If you still go out of your way to tell me I need to add more things or change the picrews to be more to your liking, I suggest you go outside and spend an hour or so pondering how realistic it is to demand that every thing you like is catered to YOU specifically.

Lastly, just one final little note: while these two picrews are close to twins, I allowed some small differences between them. I made the design choices that made sense to me at the time, so you might encounter some "discrepancies". I personally think of it as flavor, and I think they're close enough in spirit. I hope you have fun with them!


• 750 unique items.
• 300 different hair pieces.
• 12'000 files uploaded.

x 2


TOON ME! icons are free to use for anyone on their personal social media accounts and such.But streamers & content creators may purchase the rights to also use TOON ME! picrew art to create video stream overlays, social media promo graphics, or PNGtubers. Please read the following info carefully:

If you are a streamer/lifestyle blogger/vlogger,
you can purchase THIS TICKET for the rights to incorporate TOON ME! picrew art into your stream graphics/branding and social media posts.

If you want to use a TOON ME! picrew to create a PNGtuber, you can purchase THIS TICKET for those rights! Rights to create additional streaming/social media graphics included. One ticket per PNGtuber.


1. No service is provided by me, the tickets are simply for the rights to create something yourself, using TOON ME!2. The tickets are intended for content creators. If you run a different kind of business, purchasing a ticket does NOT give you the rights to use the TOON ME! picrew for your work. If you're unsure if your content qualifies for a ticket or not, feel free to reach out and ask me!3. These tickets do NOT give you the rights to create and sell any physical merchandise (such as stickers or graphic t-shirts) with the TOON ME! picrew art.4. Do NOT use my picrews to promote hateful content. If you think less of people because of their orientation, gender, religion or ethnicity, this picrew is not for you.





Everyone loves picrews with heterochromia, but I personally don't like having to look for the matching shapes when picking the left and right eye separately, so after some heavy brainstorming I came up with this solution instead:

When you pick the eyes in my picrew, you're picking a whole face mask with holes cut into it. The eyes are outlined with the whites filled in, and the actual iris is transparent to reveal color blocks behind the face.

Behind the scenes

Looking at my largest files, it took me 60+ hours just to draw all the hair parts. Thankfully, those I could reuse in both picrews. It took me 80+ hours to draw the clothes and accessories for the first body type, and about half as long to draw the same items again for the other body. Those are just a few of the sections I made items for, and it's only counting the time spent drawing those items.Recoloring, exporting, sorting, renaming, and uploading each of the color variations for all 750 items… TWICE… took a LOT of time.

Did you know you have to upload each color variation separately? And you can only upload 25 files at a time? Yeah.

The item count in each picrew is 750, and most of the sections have 18 color variations — but not quite all of them. If the average is something like 16 color variations per item, it means the number of files I uploaded to each picrew is probably around 12'000 PNGs. And I did it twice, so with both picrews completed, that's a total of about 24'000 files uploaded. 25 at a time. WOOF.

Here's a look at my folder with all the TOON ME! files!
This includes everything from the original PSDs to the final PNGs for both picrews. The item count looks ridiculous because everything is meticulously sorted into folders and subfolders, and the folders also count as items here.

Anyway, that's too many numbers for my taste. As a palette cleanser, here are some of my favorite items out of all the stuff I drew for this project!

Thanks for looking!